My Education background!

Personal background on schools

So now, we are talking about the schools that I have been too. To be honest I miss them really much and all the people there and the teachers too. So you are all about to read on what schools I have been too and the current one I am still studying in.

Primary School

The first school I have ever been to, is Zhangde Primary School. It is situated considerably near my home as I dont really have to wake up that early to get there and back home. I used to have a lot of fun in my old school, the facilities and areas were very nice. Not only that, through this school, I discovered my favourite co-curriculum activity which is floor ball. Trust me it is really fun to play and I enjoy it the second I tried the sport out. I miss my old school team as we scattered after we graduated from primary school. Nonetheless it was a joyous experience. Besides that my primary school brought us to all sorts of learning journeys to learn more about the culture and others around Singapore. I really miss my Primary school as I had an amazing time there.

Secondary School

The second school I went to is Queensway Secondary School. It is the next school i enjoyed going to besides my primary school as I forged unbreakable bonds. I met many fun friends to hang out with and annoying people too. Especially teachers, some were just way too aggressive and always accusing students even when the students do nothing wrong. And when the time comes when they are wrong, they will always say they are correct and its so annoying. I still remember the time where my math teacher came up with the wrong solution and it was so obvious that my whole class went to correct her but she was so stubborn and refuse to listen to us. After what seemed like an eternity, she finally understood her mistake and apologise profusely. There were fun activities too such as Interschool competitions and it is basically about class fighting against other classes in sports. I still remembering that my class won for 2 years in a row. Fun times indeed. I miss the good old days.


Well now this is my current school I am studying in. You might ask why am I not in college. I suck in my studies obviously even though I tried very hard and the only reason I am in this polytechnic is due to me participating in an early admission exercise. Thank God I made it in. I really love the new enviroment and freedom the polytechnics sets. It has been a very interesting experience so far and I enjoy every step of the way on this journey. I just really hope nothing will go wrong. So this rounds up for this section, I hope you understand me more and know me better. So if you are ready you can continue moving to other sections that are available on the navigation panel. Just click on any and you are good to go!