My achievements and academic results!


I am glad you are still here and reading my personal website. I am honored you have come this far! Thank you for spending time on this. I hope it is worth your while. This page is about my personal achievements that I gathered throughout the years.

Cyber security achievements

All of this certificates which you will see at the bottom of the page, Are the achievements that I receive from doing online courses and it is very tough I assure you. I even had to to tests and have to have a minimum grade of 70-80 % which is pretty insane. However I overcome it all as I achieved the certificate to prove I know cybersecurity.

Achievements from secondary school

The next few achievements are from the secondary school days. My O level certificate proves that I have already completed my secondary school education and life and the bursary award proves that I did well. To be honest I have been slacking a lot during my O level year and I am surprised I did decently well and it landed me in Singapore polytechnic, which is an honour. I am glad but I regret the way I act back then but I promised myself to work hard in my polytechnic life.

I also have achievements on interschool competitions back then as I have medals to proved that my class won, for 2 years. It was a wodnerful time and I missed that so much.