Hey there,
I'm Jaymus!

About myself

Hey, Whats up? I'm glad you are reading my website! This website is about myself so if you are interested in me, please continue reading. So my name is Jaymus. I am currently 17 but I am about to be 18 when i reach my birthday which is 13th September. I am a cheerful person if you dont know. But i mean its ok if you dont know about me, as this website gives you the opportunity to understand me.


So to be honest, this is kind of embaressing to talk about my strength and weaknesses however, I hope you folks will not laugh at me.

Alright so my first main strength is that I am very kind and caring. Why am I that kind of person? Well I love to help people around me, whether I can contribute much or not, I still give my all and my best. I always care about people around me too as they mean a lot to me and I cherish them.

My next strength is that I love to talk a lot, I know this is a dumb strength, but it shows that I am very outgoing and that I love to interact with people around me and my friends and family too. I always want to know how people are doing and if they are doing well and i just love to be so caring towards people. It is just in my nature. I know there is a lot more about me that you all want to know but I am sure all of you want to know about my weaknesses too. Oh! The shame!


Ok, now is the moment of truth. My first weaknesses, my fear of failure. I am sure many of you also suffer the same thing as me, worries and fears of failing. I have it a lot because sometimes I am not good at certain things and I just worry if i will not do well in it, for example, studies, projects, group work. I just worry I will not do well enough on it and fail my team or myself. So it slowly became overthinking and slight pessimism. Which is the next weakness I am going to talk about.

So about the overthinking and slight pessimism, it is related to my fear of failure and not being good at anything. and it just makes me just think if I am not good enough. So this just leads to me having less faith or trust in myself. BUT! Not to worry. I am going to improve myself each day and work on my own attitude and I will be a pleasant person you all will meet, if you choose to find me.

Hobbies and Things I do not really like

So enough about those things, now it is about the things that i enjoy to do the most and the things that I dread the most.

So one of my favourite hobbies is playing games. I know many of you play games too, both boy and girls alike. Playing many games like computer games, phone games and all sorts of games. I am just a HARDCORE GAMER! I play games like First person shooter, Multiplayer online battle arena, and many more so if any of you want me to join you. Just follow me on instagram or add me on facebook or just give me a call and we can meet and have some fun!

Another favourite hobby is that i love to read too! You guys may think I am crazy, because i am a hardcore gamer and I read books and it just doesn't makes sense right? But NOPE, I do read books in my free time as well, I love romance,violence, action and sci-fi. There is just so many good stories and publishers from all around the world.

So another one of my favourite hobbies that I love to do is playing sports. I play many sports so I am very versatile in most of them. I play sports such as basketball, football, captain ball, tchoukball, badminton, floorball, and even swimming. It is just good to exercise you know? Helps to keep yourself fit too, and I mean guys like us have to go army very soon so of course we have to start somewhere.

Now on to the things that I hate. First of all, I just hate eating fish. It is just that there is so much small bones in those little fishies. I still remember when I was 6 years old, I choked on a fish bone for 2 hours! My whole family panicked and they tried many ways to get rid of it. One of the old techniques they used was swallowing rice, and then when it didnt work. They didnt know what else to do, but after 2 hours it just suddenly go away on its own. Even i did not know how it happened. But ever since that day, I have been hating fishes.

Another thing I hate is that doing homework. Like sometimes I am lasy but other times, its like school ended so late and you have to complete work for the next day but then you have like a ton of tests and you just go like, UGH! But I understand the good use of homework, trying to let students understand what they learn at school.

Anyways enough of myself, I am sure you want to know about other things that is related to me so if you are ready. Just click on any of the parts of the navigation bar to know more!