My Co-curriculum activities!

My co-curriculum activies that I pariticipated in all these years
Still here? I am surprised! I thought my website will be boring most of you. But thanks for staying here.I appreciate it. So the next following is about my co-curriculum activities I have been in my old schools and now.
Primary School
So in primary school, I mentioned earlier about floorball and thats right that is my co-curriculum acitivity that I pariticipated back then. But before that I was in wushu and boys brigade. The reason why I left was I got bored by wushu after performing the same thing over and over again and the reason why I left boys brigade because I have to wake up on the saturdays early in the morning and do drills over and over and it made me lose interest. So I had no co-curriculum activity until the teacher randomly put me in one of it and thats how I got to know floorball and realise my passion for it. We had a lot of competitions too and I enjoy it.I love that sport so much and I wish my secondary school has it.
Secondary School
In secondary school, my co-curriculum activity is drama club. I know you guys will not expect this as I look like a sports person however I wanted to try something new and conquer one of my fears which is fear of speaking out and being confident. So in drama club sessions is basically, drama. We usually do different exercises each session then we just act and we even went on competitions. Got some golds and some silvers. I had a great experience with my fellow peers and teammates.
As you guys know I am in polytechnic now and I just begin my new life and I am in. So my cca is the gym club and we basically just do lifting and such. I hope to grow stronger from this.

Anyways I hope you all enjoy my website and know more about me. If you want to contact me there are details at the bottom. I look forward to talking to you all soon!